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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

I have written up instructions for various components of the Blog. By reading through these short FAQ’s you can “interact” with the blog by posting a new entry for us to read, making a comment on someone else’s blog post. Just click on any of the links listed below, or look at the top of the Friends Blog for the permanent links.

New Users???

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

This is of course great so far, Tim is doing a stand-up Job. BUT… we are still looking for infrequent (but steady) news reports for the following areas:

  • between Penguin St & McDougal Road in Fort Smith
  • Hay Rivierra
  • Yellowknife, specifically in offices on Old Airport Road and from the residential area of Burwash Road.
  • Edmonton
  • Sherwood Park
  • Calgary, and the residential area of Airdrie
  • Kelowna
  • Naniamo & Lower Mainland area family news is covered (I think, unless I really upset her teasing about giving my Aunt & Uncle some grandkids already)
  • South Eastern portion of BC (M&M???)
  • Brisbane Australia
  • or any where else!

Keeping up with the Jameses

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Rick quite rightly gave me a “write-or-the-blog-dies” ultimatum during a recent chat, so I thought I had best post some content on this darn thing before he recycles it into some new format.

The purpose of this blog is to let friends drop a line to the James Family and to provide our globetrotting friends with a one-stop place to drop by for news about friends and family or any other bits of information that folks might think Claudette and Rick and the kids would want to know. It is not surprising that it is hard to keep in touch with majro world events when you are travelling through third world countries.

For example, the Jameses contacted me on Skype yesterday and we had a great talk. They were taking advantage of the wireless internet connection they had at their hotel in Kovalam, India and I was home having a sick day, so we spent an hour talking about the latest events. Incredibly, they were unaware that the world economy is going in the tank and that we are headed inexorably towards a recession. But i really shouldn’t have been surprised that they didn’t know about it. Here in Canada, we are all blasted by the news media everyday, but when you are travelling, you have to work to stay informed. Think of how out-of-touch you feel when you’ve had a two-week vacation. Now multiply that by 10 and you have some indication of how isolated from the news the Jameses can get depending on which countries they are in.

So, this blog will not only serve as a place to write to Claudette and Rick and the kids, it is also a place to help them stay in touch with things their friends and family think are important or to post items that the Jameses might find of interest.

Having said that, I am going to provide them with a few links to bring them back to 21st century Canada.

Here’s some info on that bad economic news and the stock market meltdown.

For some scary economic news closer to home, here is a tidbit on the $135 million cutbacks coming from the NWT government.

Here is a great link to the Tanzania Tourist Board’s offical website. Lots of information and a very sophisticated site. (Side note: The Jameses had been planning to go to Kenya as a major part of their swing through Africa, but given the recent political unrest there, they have chosen to switch venues to Tanzania. Speaking on behalf of their concerned friends, we couldn’t be more relieved at their prudence!)

And now, for a bit of celebrity gossip news: actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment yesterday. Suicide? Accident? Who knows?

Those who wish to have access to this blog to write their own messages can contact me at to get an account set up. It is very easy to do, and very easy to use.