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That sinking feeling…

Monday, May 12th, 2008

It’s been a very long time since I posted, so I guess I had better start with some apologies. Sorry, gang! Since we last met here, you guys have travelled through Egypt and Jordan, through Italy and France, into Spain and back into France again. It has been great to get the phone calls from you as you roved throughout western Europe.

By the way, I must pause at this point to give  a big (though belated) shout out to Alex: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX!

The big news from these parts is that we are falling to pieces without you guys. Early this morning, a massive sinkhole opened up beside Highway five, shutting the road to any heavy traffic. Smith is cut off from any freight right now, but they are letting light vehicle go by. However, DOT is advising that no one travel the highway as the sinkhole is still active. It is currently 25 feet deep and growing.

Here is our new crevasse:


This comes just before the big grocery trucks get into town, so we may be shy of some essentials by the end of the week. DOT expects to have a alternate route cut into the forest in a day or two, but a lot depends on what happens with the sinkhole. Exciting stuff!

Aside from that, the news is pretty minor. Mikey is almost finished his barn and will be transporting his alpacas and llamas back up North in the next month. His barn is a sweet pad for the animals, with a large interior and two large screened-in spaces on both sides. The animals should be much, much happier this time around.

We went to the French Beer-Tasting Night last Saturday and had a very good time. We had to leave early (about 10) because Jo was catching the Sunday morning sked to Edmonton, but the Keizers stayed till the wee hours and had a great time. The beers were fantastic (I would recommend Hoegaarden “white” beer – Belgian brew, and a Montreal-made concoction call St. Ambroise Oatmeal, a beer so dark some people pour Guiness into it to lighten it up).

We made a trip out to Pine Lake to check on the cabin and it weathered the winter very well. We have an 11-foot sailboat at the lake now. It belongs to Stu and Tracy but they have “given it to us for unlimited use, and asked if they could keep it at our cabin. Naturally, I said yes. I look forward to getting that up and running this summer, but I think there is going to be a bit of a learning curve in using it. Here’s hoping my learning muscles haven’t atrophied entirely.

As I noted earlier, Joanne is out of town all this week so I am batching it. Tracy Hutton and Dan Kearley’s spouses are away too, so we’re having a single parent dinner at my place tomorrow night. Jo is in Calgary for a conference, but really, she just needed to get the hell out of otwn for a few days. He credit card has been vibrating for the past week in anticipation of a mall-related orgy of consumerisim.  Oh well, it’s not like she hasn’t earned it. She just finished two straight weeks of being on call during which she put in 84 hours of overtime. It was insane. We’ve seen more of you guys than her lately.

I know you guys are living it up in London right now, and I hope you are having a great time and that fickle British weather is cooperating. I was just talking to Marc and he is gearing up for your arrival. I know you will have a good time, and it will be great to have you back on home soil. I will give you guys a call when you get to Marc and Wendy’s. Until then, take care gang!