Mrs. Grundy gets a new dog!

Hey you will be happy to know … there is another Jack Russell terrier in town that sort of resembles Pete.

“She” is a small dog (just like Pete) and her name is Chloe.  Her bark sounds JUST like Pete!  (small dog with a BIG bark!)

Instead of black patches, Chloe has reddish brown markings (I said to match her owner!)

I think Chloe and Pete would like each other.

Note:  Mrs. Grundy unfortunately lost her two dogs this winter due to illness and old age (which was very sad ….)  BUT, a miracle came through when Chloe (who is a rescued dog from BC) was brought up by the Harrold family at Easter time.

By the way Madie and Jasper are still alive and kicking.  Madie has joined Jasper in the sport of barking at people walking, biking, etc. on the sidewalk in front.  (I still grumble at both of them when they do this!!)

Well, I am still hungry and still tired … so I best get myself off to bed.

One Response to “Mrs. Grundy gets a new dog!”

  1. Rick says:

    She sounds very cute! I’m sure Pete can’t wait to be introduced… He’s going for a sleepover for a couple of days to my Uncle & Aunt’s place again while Grandma Vi does some extensive basement cleaning over the next several days.