Hey … here is an update ….

Tim and Joanne got a brand new beauuuuuuuuutifulllllllllll (and very pretty) barbeque.  We had curry burgers and pepper burgers with grilled vegetables for supper on Saturday night.

Tim and Jo have finally joined the big world in “Grillin Time”    🙂

One Response to “Hey … here is an update ….”

  1. Rick says:

    Wow, that’s Great! Now I guess it’s just the James Family that is behind in owning new behemoth BBQ’s…. Not something that we’ll be able to remedy any time soon after returning home unfortunately. Ours is still in great shape (ESPECIALLY considering how much we use it) but I would love to upgrade to one with a searing catalitic burner on one side. Mmmmmmm… Hopefully that’s the kind the Gauthiers bought!