News Canadian Travellers can Use IV – News for Luke edition

I feel guilty about poor Luke’s plaintive plea for news in the previous post. I have not been keeping up with the blogging lately due to a once again insane schedule. But who cares about excuses right? You want news not justification, am I right? Right! Then let’s begin…

First of all, on the mail front, we received an avalanche of parcels from our favourtie world travellers, including three bundles of newspapers and a box containing objects packed in straw.  We were not sure what these objects are so we left them packed, assuming you were shipping stuff for yourselves back home. However, what was fascinating was the packaging itself. The box was mailed from India, and was wrapped in a light canvas that was sealed not with tape, but with sealing wax, a funny 19th-century touch the kids found highly amusing. Then there were the fragile stickers which read “Marble with Care”. We all scratched our heads trying to figure out that one. The internal packaging was also very idiosyncratic, wrapped as it was in shredded paper and twine. To our western eyes it was like a parcel out of the past. Funky packaging aside, though, all arrived in good shape.

We have some pretty wild fluctuations in weather lately, hitting a high of seven above a couple of weeks ago before plunging briefly back to 30 below. We are just a few degrees below zero right now and it is getting warmer. it seems like winter might actually end someday.

Oh, on the real news front, Ann the Good had a highway mishap in the government truck. I will leave it to her to post the details, but the important part is that she is perfectly fine – not much more than a seatbelt bruise and some aches and pains. She hit some black ice on her way out of town on business and the truck rolled, smashing the windshield and filling the truck with snow as it skidded through the ditch on its roof. She was picked up immediately and brought back to town. But again, let me stress: she is perfectly fine.

Easter is upon us here, so we will be doing our usual dinner thing at our house this coming Sunday, and will be joined by the Keizers, Chris DeWolf and Mikey and Helena. There was some thought given to inviting others but everyone agreed to keep it to the core group this time (minus a certain globetrotting clan, of course!). Anyway, we will all be at our place on Sunday by three o’clock our time, so if you want to skype my computer will be on.

I am taking my Cubs on a little field trip tonight to Sonny MacDonald’s house. Sonny is quite looking forward to having a bunch of curious little faces crowded into his workshop. I have no doubt the kids will love him, as he is such a charming and talkative character. I look forward to hearing what sort of questions they have for him. With the addition of Callista and Aurora I have 16 Cubs now. The pack grows…Aroooooooo!

Spring break just ended here. Jo and I had to work through most of it, so Ian went the Kearley’s place for three days while I took the last two days off and took care of Ian and the Kearley boys at my place. Let’s just say that three days of Ian does not in any way match two days with Mitchell and Josh. It’s like taking care of a koala bear for three days and then switching to a pair of rambunctious Tasmanian devils. Dan owes me, big time. 🙂

The Keizer family (minus Johnathan) went to Edmonton to shop for Michelle’s grad dress. The mission was successful, and a dress was purchased for what I am told is a reasonable $250. Any article of clothing of mine would need to have $200 in its pocket before it was worth that much, but then, I am not a 17-year-old girl. From what I am told, they have a different attitude toward clothing than 45-year-old males. Go figure. Johnathan decided to avoid grad dress shopping and spent a week in French Camp at the Arctic Winter Games in Yellowknife. He overcame that whole “I don’t actually speak French” thing quite well, and enjoyed his week.

That’s it for the boring little details of our lives that you might consider “news”. Everything else is business and usual. We still miss you guys, and my kids look forward to your arrival home to an almost embrassing degree (especially Ian). everytime we talk aobut doing something or going someplace, Ian asks “Will the Jameses be back then?” It’s like they’re suffering reverse homesickness. They’re “friendsick” or something.

Buyt let us once again look out into the wider world as well. When those bundles of newspapers arrived I realized just how much access to world news you guys have. The papers in these Asian and African countries are of extremely high quality. I love reading them. Anyway, on to our own dyfunctional media.

 The American economy is heading into a crapper perhaps not seen since the 1930s, and of course they are going to pull us down with them. Lovely, they turn their economy into a hollowed-out ponzi scheme and we suffer the consequences. Of course, all the former American billionaires are expecting a government bail out.

And that’s all I have time for right now. I hope all continues to go well for you folks. It was great to talk to you guys over the weekend. It’s always reassuring to hear your voices. Take care, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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  1. Luke says:

    thank you for writing a blog and I was very very very shocked to hear Ann had an accident I am very happy she is O.K it is almost like We are luck charm’s and when We left bad things started to happen tell Ian I miss him to and happy birthday to grace

    P.S if grace says “you told me I was in kindergarten when I turned 5” don’t worry I did the same thing.