Redundant Skating News or “Why can’t I ever post faster than Ann?”

I see that Speedy McKeizer has already been on line to give you an update on the skating carnival production of “Mary Poppins.”. Yes, all went very well indeed. Michelle and Carolyn were great as Bert and Mary, and Kathleen and Megan Walsh were a very adorable Jane and Michael Banks.

Gracie was part of the farm animals group, which you may remember from the animated sequence of the film. She played one of three little pigs. As a group they were short on skill but long on extreme cuteness, which ultimately carried the day. The crowd loved them.

Because one of the parents who was in charge of the colour guard forgot to contact the RCMP, my Cubs and Scouts were asked to step in to hold the flags during the opening ceremonies and national anthem. Matthew, David and Josh Bird and Ian did their duty quite well, and they enjoyed showing off their uniforms in front of the whole town.

The backdrop looked great (we had a super crew working on it – lots of volunteers) but thank heavens the props were kept to a minimum. I was on prop duty and I couldn’t have done them without Rick.

Because of the Arctic Winter Games, we had a month less time to do the carnival this year. We also lost a week of practices because the cold was so extreme the arena was shut down. Yet looking at the final product, you would never had known it. Everything went really well.

Pictures will follow shortly.

2 Responses to “Redundant Skating News or “Why can’t I ever post faster than Ann?””

  1. AJ says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your info on the carnival!

  2. Timg says:

    My pleasure, Alex. I knew you guys would be interested in it. The only thing that could have made the show better was you and Luke being in it! However, a once-in-a-lifetime African safari is probably an okay consolation prize. 🙂