… and yet another successful Carnival year!!

Although you are out and about in the middle of Africa checking out the wildlife; we have just completed yet another skating carnival year.

Mary Poppins was an enlightening skating event that was surprisingly easy to pull together in such a short time frame. The props were light and the outfits were easy (some thanks to the Internet and Ebay!). The back drop was the BIG winner (thanks to Mr. TimmyG and friends) and made you think you were literally stepping into a chalk drawing.

Clean up was … none other than QUICK and the whole lot of us were out of the arena by 5:30 pm! (I think a record yet do date!!)

Now, it is one week left of figure skating (test dates) and we can say, “that’s a wrap” for yet another year. Hockey on the other hand will continue to the bitter end! <evil grin> or until we are no longer allowed to physically skate on the ice for the season!

The temperatures were CRAZY warm this weekend causing the abnormal thawing of the arena ceiling (as what happens during our regular scheduled carnival in the March months) .. but only in February. I think we say the highs of minus 3 this weekend! *sweeeeeeeeeeeeet* Yes, a perfect weekend for snow machining … IF we weren’t involved with carnival.

The Fury ladies are gearing up for the Hazardous Hockey weekend in Hay River! We have a teams of 14 skaters and one goalie heading over to have some fun. This year HR wanted to do a split two tier system because of the number of teams and skating levels, however I am not sure if this will come together as they hoped. We have put in for the “Level B” section as opposed to the “Level A”. (We just want to play and have fun!!!) *s*

It looks like we will be doing the “drive” down to Edmonton to go “grad dress shopping” *groan*. However, it is needed (I suppose). I did try the “buy a grad dress on Ebay” but I just couldn’t see one coming from China … looking like the picture it was portraying!!! (and ensuring it would fit properly). So, the Keizer Klan will be cruising in the van in the next 2 weeks. We are hoping to stop by and see the Mawdsley family while we are there. Apparently Alice will be moving over to Glen Rose so she can do her daily physiotherapy to help her get stronger and stronger.

Oh ?! (listening for sounds in the back ground …) … the washer has finally stopped. I best send this and put another load in so we can have clean clothes for this coming work week.

Hugs to everyone and I hope the flu (or whatever got to Alex and Luke) didn’t stick around too long. Keep healthy and stay strong.


Ann (The Good) *smile*

One Response to “… and yet another successful Carnival year!!”

  1. AJ says:

    Don worry it was just a 2 day thing. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your info on the carnival!