One week to Skating Carnival!!

Well, it is crunch time up here! Costumes are madly being sewn and put together and the back drop was created (by Mr. Timmy G and friends) on Saturday. I wasn’t there but everyone tells me it is spectacular!

The theme this year is Mary Poppins. Michelle will be playing “Bert” (yes .. another male character!) This is her last Carnival … and it comes as a bitter – sweet event. It is hard to believe that she has been in this club for 13 years! (that is 13 years worth of costumes!!!) I should sell them on Ebay! *L*

The Kearly’s house good bye party on Saturday night was a blast! The “band” was back together and the good tunes were being sung by one and all! (Ask Tim!! <grin>)

Well Johnathon comes back from winter camp tomorrow and I am curious to see how he fared! The temps were in the minus 40’s (that is including wind chill) at the beginning of the week. Good news we have warmed up to the minus 20’s and 30’s during daytime now. His ride home should be better than it was going there!

I best get going … I find I ramble on and on on this blog “thingie” *LOL* <gotcha Rick on that one> I just had to use the word thingie at least ONCE!

hugs to everyone!

from me Ann (THE GOOD) 🙂

4 Responses to “One week to Skating Carnival!!”

  1. Rick says:

    Agh! I can’t believe you snuck that one in there… That is TERRIBLE behavior for someone like yourself who is in charge of educators. Tch, tch, tch…
    The carnival sounds like it’s gonna be another smash bang! Shhhhhh! Don’t tell Luke…
    Please! Ramble on as much as you’d like. I strongly encourage it. Those who don’t wanna read don’t have to. It was fun (and 43 cents per minute from Tanzania) to talk to the gang at Kearly’s the other night. I didn’t get passed around to you or Mike before having to though unfortunately. Talking to Tim that night after 2:00 in the morning was…. Interesting…. (perhaps “enlightening” could also be quite appropriate). I wonder if there was any table dancing on the premises after I hung up. (Moira, are you reading?) TIM, I LOVE YOU MAN!

  2. Timg says:

    I will not speak of the party at Kearly’s. I understand it was good, and that there was some sort of “singing” going on, but beyond that, events are unclear.

    And the next day, I had the “flu”.

  3. Timg says:

    Did I speak to you at the Kearlys?!?!

    Oh man, it was much worse than I thought.