Hey James’

Thank you for doing a phenomenal job at keeping us up to date on your travels.. I hope I can do half as well! Yup, my day is coming soon.. 3 weeks and two sleeps until I leave Smith and 32 days until I start my grand adventure! Dixie and Larry are booked and I think I may have another friend convinced to meet me somewhere along the way.

My only update for you is it is damn cold here…. damn cold!

I wish you safe travels for the rest of your trip. Keep keeping us informed!

Shari O

One Response to “Thanks”

  1. Rick says:

    This post is a few weeks old that Shari couldn’t post because I hadn’t set new users with enough privileges. All is good and proper now, so everyone should feel free to post away!
    Thanks Shari! Be wary of those Aussie men! They can do bad hypnotic things to foreign women I’ve heard…