ahem … “tap-tap-tap” .. is this mic on?!

Well hello James family! Look what that Mr. Timmy G. did, he got me to use “The Friends Blog”. Wow, I must say, it looks pretty clean and spiffy in here (*turning head in all directions to check out the new space*)

I have been busy lately with travels to HR for Territorial skating AND getting our Johnny K ready for winter camp. Nothing like riding sleds and camping out in the snow with wind chills of minus 34 and lower! Brrr!. He is gone for a week up to Piers Lake. It took three people and many maps later to show me where that is! (basically … not too far north from our Germaine Lake!).

He is out there with Eileen Beaver, Roger Vail, a volunteer by the name of Peter and a pile of maniac PWK students from Grade 10, 11 and 12. Michelle did not go on this one because it over lapped with skating.

Hey!! Did you hear the news? Harv and Shirley (Melanie’s parents … Dan’s in-laws) .. who moved to High Level last summer …. WEllllll, they are moving to Cold Lake, Alberta very soon. 🙁

We are all going to miss them very much. It was nothing for them to hop, skip and jump up to Smith for the weekend .. or for us to stay over night at their place in High Level on our way down to GP or Edm. Now, they will be moving. Dan is having a big shin-dig this Saturday night at their house and Harv and Shirley will be there. Lots of food, music and drink with many friends. I think it will be a great time (as usual).

If you are back early enough … we will have ONE HELL OF A GRAND TIME! I will keep it a secret in case you can make it back. *L*

It is Joanne’s birthday soon too. We are supposed to be celebrating her big day soon. I have a gift I think she will TRULY enjoy. (I can’t say any more than that .. because she may be reading this Blog from her house! *L*)

Well, I am rambling so that is my cue to exit … stage left.

Hang tight, enjoy the sights and sounds of everything and enjoy your new Tilley tailored shorts with the secret pocket! (pretty cheap for $17 bucks!) That is a GREAT score!

hugs to everyone

Ann (Mike is in Ottawa this week … but returns soon)

One Response to “ahem … “tap-tap-tap” .. is this mic on?!”

  1. Rick says:

    Great to see you guys on Ann. Keep it coming!
    We can’t transfer our previously typed files at this cafe’ today so will have to upload them from somewhere else in a couple of days… (And that’s a huge pile of reading and new pics once we finally get them up, believe me.)
    Hi to all!