News Canadian Travellers Can Use!

All right, my globetrotting friends. It’s time for another update to keep you folks in the loop on what’s going on in local, national and world news. We’re going to start with the NWT and go outward from there, but first, a little note in regards to our last post.

Luke, Ian read your comment this morning and was very excited to hear from you. He wasn’t very clear on the whole blog concept when he wrote his post, but now he understands that you guys can “chat” as it were over the internet and write each other messages. He has said he would like to write more in the future. I will hold him to that.

Gracie was happy to hear from Luke, but a bit peeved that Alex didn’t write to her. I’m sure Alex will take of that little oversight soon…;-)

Anyway, great to hear from you, Luke. The kids will write again after we go through the India photos this weekend.

And now…the News!

Here in the NWT, the news is all about the cold. How cold is it? So cold, the planes aren’t flying. Not that Northwestern Air is having any issues. Those guys seem to fly no matter what is going on – extreme cold, earthquakes, alien attacks. But the wicked winter is not limited to the NWT by any means. It has hit the country from coast to coast in various forms: bitter cold, snowstorms, and so on. As we are all shivering in the painful cold, we hope you guys get a mild but uncomfortable case of prickly heat or something. We need to know there are downsides to being in warm climates.

In Fort Smith news, Frieda Martselos is back in as Salt River Chief, and the Band council is mighty peeved at the judge who put her back in. They are appealing the court decision, saying the judge had no right to overturn a band council resolution by using standards lower than those set by the First nation in question. Here is the SRJ story on it. You have to create an account to read the SRJ on line, but it is free and easy to do so.

Also, Alice Mawdsley is doing ever-so-slightly better. She is breathing on her own, and apparently responding to stimuli. It is hard to tell just how much is a desperate desire on the part of the family to see progress, but overall, the news seems to be on the postive side. Here is an SRJ story that includes some quotes from the Mawdsleys.

The Fort Smith Fury won the Chicks with Sticks Hockey Tournament in Fort Simpson Jan. 18-20. I’m sure Ann already gave you a rundown on this, Claudette, but here is an excerpt from the News/North story about the event:

The Fort Smith Fury have come a long way in four short years.

When the team first took to the ice, many of the players could not skate.

This year, the team dominated the Chicks with Sticks Tournament in Fort Simpson Jan. 18 to 20.

The team defeated the Hay River Hazard 3-2 on Jan. 20 in a final game that proved you are never too old to start playing the game. since their debut as a team in 2005, player Jessica Cox said the team improved a lot.

“We had a few core people who had played the game before,” she said. “Eighty per cent of our players had never played hockey before, and about 60 per cent couldn’t skate.”

Four seasons later, Cox can hardly believe how the team has changed.

“It’s been amazing how quickly their game has improved and developed,” she said. “How quickly everyone has picked it up is just phenomenal.”

The Fury had defeated the Fort Simpson Moosehide Mamas in the semifinals before facing Hay River.

“We went into it thinking it was going to be a tougher game than the day before,” she said.

Cox said the team was unsure going in to their final game against the Hazard, considering they had tied them twice the day before the final.

“I think the game against Simpson benefited us because it warmed us up a bit,” said Cox.

Cox said the final proved intense, especially in the thrid period when the Fury fought to keep their 3-2 lead.

“That last five minutes, the Hazard did everything they could to put the puck in our net,” said Cox. “In the end, our goaltender was outstanding and our defense played really strong and we held on for the win.”

Spinning outward from the NWT, let’s take a look at the national picture.

In Canada, this news story is getting a lot of play. It seems an Air Canada co-pilot had a nervous breakdown on a trans-Atlantic flight, forcing the plane to divert from London to Ireland. At least it is not only Air Canada passengers being driven crazy anymore. Enjoy your next flight!

If you have any Canadian currency you want to exchange, especially for the greenback, I’d do it now. The loonie is trading over 1USD right now, but this rate cut from the U.S. federal reserve could send it down sharply.

And now, a look at some new from the wider world.

Being a techno-geek, Rick, you’ll enjoy this little item about consumers fighting back against Apple’s exclusive iPhone deal with AT&T. Seems customers are finding ways to unlock their phone and use any carrier they want. Apple is combatting it with various software fixes, but there are an awful lot of iPhone’s missing from AT&T’s accounts. Techno revolutionaries – to arms!

Be very, very glad you decided to forego Kenya as a travel destination. The place is spiraling downward very quickly. Any country that is engaging in “ethnic cleansing” is not a place to be a tourist.

And that’s it for now. Hope you guys are enjoying these little missives. Please feel free to let me know what specifically you would like to be kept updated on and I will do my best to find out some news in those areas. until next time, travel safe and have fun!

6 Responses to “News Canadian Travellers Can Use!”

  1. AJ says:

    Hi Gracie!! (And Tim, & Jo, & Ian too!) Thanks for writing me. Tell us some more news from home please. Like, what friends you played with, what fun things you did on the weekend, and what you are learning in school. I really miss you and make sure to smile at the carnival for me!!! I can’t wait for your Dad to put up the pictures here!

  2. Rick says:

    This is ‘zactly perfect Tim! Can’t think of anything yer missing, ‘cept maybe some Halifax news…. Isn’t yer sister sitting around doing nothing anyways? Get her going as a field office of “NCTCU”.
    The I-phone story labels Apple’s tactics as trying to “curb unlocking”. In truth they are “INTENTIONALLY CRIPPLING” the device in order to limit consumer choice. This forces much higher than usual fees on consumers, and hands over control of the device they purchased (and THOUGHT they “owned”) entirely to Apple! They’ve done the exact same thing with I-pods for several years now, and only thoughtless consumers driven by style rather than functionality have succumbed. (Well, also people with too much money and not enough brains for their own good.) There are lots of I-pods (and Sony PSP’s) hacked as well to return control to the consumer who owns them. Unfortunately numbers are unreleased by the corporations and are untraceable by third parties. This I-phone story was great because it showed (and publicly announced) the huge discrepancy that Apple can not hide. OK, sorry… Enough of my soapbox for now I guess. It just pains me so much to see brainless consumers not inform themselves before following down a high priced, out of their own control, path. Very much like cattle gleefully walking down any old path following the cow in front, that eventually leads to the slaughterhouse. (The slaughterhouse being a metaphor for corporate raping of the consumer and general greed.) Maybe make sure that Michelle and John read the I-phone story, so they can begin to learn their rights as consumers, (since their in every other way Wonderful Father has failed them in this regard). Maybe don’t push them to read my comments here yet though…
    Tell GG that I made absolutely sure to bring Alex to the internet today. Also, please beg forgiveness on my behalf for such a transgression as not doing so the previous day.

  3. Timg says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Alex, I am at work now, but I will show Gracie your reply tonight. She will be very happy to hear from you.

    Rick, I knew with your frustration over the iPod that yolu would enjoy that story about the iPhone. Apple is quite the heavy-handed organization. It is behaviour like that that stops me from switching to mac computers, regardless of ym immense frustration with PCs.

  4. Rick says:

    Linux baby! That’s the ONLY way to fly… (Well, other than gaming of course.)

  5. Rick says:

    Here’s another tech story about big bad companies that I’ve been following for quite awhile. Sony, and all other major video & telecommunications distributors were attempting to hurt the consumer even more with the sale of new spectrum in the US. It was actually the old analogue TV waves, which are going to be switched over to digital completely pretty soon. They are highly valuable since they travel long distances and penetrate buildings easily.
    Google, lobbied, and lobbied the government to put an open source provision into the license issuance. The gov reluctantly did, but Disney & Sony et all, made the gov stipulate a minimum bid price for such a good, consumer beneficial idea to take place. Luckily Google has the big bucks behind it and made sure the minimum bid was achieved.

  6. Rick says:

    January 30 (when this post was first published) is getting alarmingly close to being a week ago. Could it be that work and life are getting in the way? Naturally we forgive you… but you only have 19 weekly posts left ’till we get home, and I would adly hate to miss out on ANYTHING…
    I wrote a long boring post about books we’ve read on the trip, that I told everyone else they don’t have to read. You DO have to though, since there’s a cryptic message to you burried somewhere in there Tim.