And now a word from Ian and Gracie…

With parental transcription, here comes a note directly from Gracie…

I miss you Alex. I remember when me and you watched popcorn pop out of the kernels.

I liked the baby elephant. I liked your hair when it was with the beads and braided.

I will be in the skating carnival. I am a piggy. I am in Mary Poppins.

I am in Beavers too. I got my uniform and a book about Beavers. I miss you.

Love Gracie

And now, From Ian:

Dear Luke – I miss you very much. We have been seeing pictures of you at the places you have been. I would like to ride an elephant.

I saw you on the beach too. That was the biggest sand castle I ever saw. The temples were really cool too. They look likes the ones from Indiana Jones.

I got my cub uniform. It looks really cool. You should join cubs when you come home.

It is very cold here. It is -40.

We got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. I have a Star Wars game for it and Wii sports. Do you want to play it when you come back?

I just can’t wait until you come back.

From Ian

 And now, from us. We hope all is well with you guys. We finally plowed through most of your photos, but we haven’t seen the ones from India yet. Are they online?

It is painfully cold here, and will be for the next week or so. We are looking at -40 pretty steady for the next little while. I am sure you guys miss home a little less right now.

We howled at the Public Health poster from Laos. The kids got a big kick out of the little boy pooping, and Joanne took a printout of it to take to the Public Health Nurses at the Health Centre. I think we should have a local version of that made up.

We had a poker game the other night. We seem to have settled into a regular group with Dan Kearly, Stu MacMillan, Lou, Mikey, Blaine and me. With six semi-regulars, we still get to play if one of us bails out. We are trying to play every two weeks or so. Last time we played at Blaine’s, and I was up about 30 bucks. Mikey’s had quite a few winning nights lately. You need to come home and put him in his place. Of course, there will be a spot for you when you come home!

Not too much has changed since the last post. Joanne is off meeting with the director of Richard Van Camp’s movie. She is introducing her to some teenagers in care so she can get a feel for what troubled youth are like. Like there’s a shortage of them in town…

We just bought a new TV. I was planning a week-long campaign to convince Joanne that we need this very nice 42-inch Olevia LCD that was on sale at The Source for $1299. I mentioned it to her and the next thing I know we were at the store buuying it. I managed to get it down to $1199. I am thrilled with it, frankly. It high-def, and though we don’t have a high def satellite receiver, DVDs look fantastic on it! We donated our old TV to the Mary Kaeser Library, so the whole thing was a strange mix of ugly consumerism and charitable generosity.

 Anyway, I have to put the kids to bed, now. Love from us, and I will write again before the weekend with some more News Canadian Travellers Can Use! (TM)


2 Responses to “And now a word from Ian and Gracie…”

  1. Rick says:

    Luke was thrileld to read the kids notes and will be replying shortly. Your news is equally welcomed by us all. I would appreciate being sent a copy of your trademark certification registration number though, just to keep in the files for posterity’s sake.
    All new pictures from 2008 and on are at a different gallery on-line.
    There’s another 70-80 for you guys to catch up on, maybe next weekend or so…
    There was another funny poster from China, encouraging it’s citizens to stop spitting anywhere and everwhere. We didn’t think it was that bad. No worse than Thailand & the rest of Southeast Asia. And it was certainly much better than India here, where you really have to watch where you walk, cause everyone expels various liquids and solids from their mouths and noses with disturbing frequency.

  2. Luke says:

    Hi Ian I would be delited if you would teach me everything you know aboat the CUBS (when I get back ) I also can not WAIT intel we get home so we can have that sleepover we organized there is some more things but they will show up on the letter.
    Hi Graice! Don’t think I forgot about you. When We get back you can tell me all you now about beavers.
    Missing you all love Luke 🙂